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  • 28Oct

    Some Epcot friends hanging out #epcot #vinlymation #epcotcenter #disneyworld #waltdisneyworld #horizons #thelivingseas #figment #horizonsbutler #horizonschef #parkseries #parkstarz

  • 18Sep
    Vinylmation Urban Series #3

    Vinylmation Urban Series #3

  • 10Jan

    Park Series #3 Vinylmations are at the Parks! Check em out. There is another Monorail similar to the one in Park Series #1. As you know you can get Vinylmations at any of the Parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot & Hollywood Studios) and also at Downtown Disney.

    Vinlymation Park Series #3

    Vinlymation Park Series #3

  • 09Jan

    Have you all seen the Holiday Vinylmations yet?  Baby New Year is great!  They have been out for a while so you might want to hurry if you haven’t got them all yet. You can get Vinylmations at any of the Parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot & Hollywood Studios) and also at Downtown Disney.

    Holiday Vinylmations

  • 26Aug

    Check out some photos of the Vinylmation Urban Series #2 Line. I like the Yellow Mickey Mouse with the Mickey face from the old cartoon series. You can get Vinylmations at any of the Parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot & Hollywood Studios) and also at Downtown Disney. I got some of mine at the Art of Disney store at Downtown Disney.

    • The first photo shows Park Series #2 on the top shelf and Urban Series #2 on the bottom shelf
      (with a few clear mixed in).
    • The second photo shows some close ups of the Urban line Series #2.


    Vinylmation Urban and Park Series #2

    Vinylmation Urban and Park Series #2

    Misc Urban Series #2 Figures

    Misc Urban Series #2 Figures

  • 25Aug

    Check out the new Vinylmation Clear line. The Clear line makes the third line of Vinylmation so far after Park and Urban.  There is a Holiday line that will be hitting in September and several other lines to be released next year.   I found this guy at the Magic Kingdom.

    Vinylmations Clear

    Vinylmation Clear

  • 23May

    Park Series # 2 Vinylmations are now available at the Parks. This series was released Friday May 22nd. Check out them out, another great series. I bought a few of them, I will probably get a whole box soon since it’s hard to build a whole set buying them individually. You have to move fast because these sell out quickly.

    Vinlymation Park Series # 2

    Vinlymation Park Series # 2

    • Panda
    • Little green men
    • Aquarium
    • Penny Movie Machine
    • Lion King
    • Test Track?
    • Monkey
    • Poncho
    • Mike (monsters inc.)
    • Little Mermaid
    • Snow White
    • Chaser
    Vinylmation Park Series #2

    Vinylmation Park Series #2

    Here are two that I purchased, Penny Machine & Panda

    Panda & Penny Machine from Park Series #2

    Penny Machine & Panda from Park Series #2

  • 24Mar

    The new Urban Vinylmation Series 1 is now available at the Parks. This is the second collection for the Vinylmations. The first collection being the “Park” collection series 1. The 3″ Park Series 1 are officially sold out and Park Series 2 is in the works. There is also a Holiday collection that is in the works that is rumored to include a baby new year Mickey complete with diaper and sash. Check out some of the urban series #1.

    Urban Vinlymation Series #1 Collection

    Urban Vinlymation Series #1 Collection

    Some 9 Urban Series #1 Figures

    Some 9" Urban Series #1 Figures


  • 11Mar

    Vinylmations are getting to be a hot collectors item at the parks. According to several cast members they are selling out in just a few hours when they are put out at the parks. Take a look at some of the 9″ Vinylmations. These go for $39.99. These three are the small world clock Mickey, innertube Mickey, and E Coupon Mickey.

  • 15Feb

    Check out these new Mickey shaped Vinylmation toys that incorporate different rides and park characters. The small ones shown in the display case are $9.99. There are also large ones that are a bit more. The neat thing about the small ones are they come in an unmarked box so you don’t know which one you are getting which makes it fun for trading with other collectors.

    Vinylmations Display at Park

    Vinylmations Display at Park


    Here is a view of the Vinylmations included in the Park #1 set. I will list the ones that i recognize. If you know any of the ones I have missed please comment and let me know. Thanks

    Vinylmations Park #1 Set

    Vinylmations Park #1 Set







    • Classic Mickey in lights
    • Fireworks Mickey
    • TeaCup Mickey
    • Kermit the frog
    • Space Mickey
    • Monorail
    • Wizard Hat Mickey
    • Haunted Mickey
    • Figment
    • Apple Mickey
    • Everest Yeti
    • ?
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